Lust Have – Gucci Dionysus Mini Bag

The Dionysus bags from Gucci are back, and everyone is on the band wagon. I saw a blogger on youtube, Aimee Song with this bag in red. Now, I must have it. Its so fun and slick.

Valued at $1,890 on net-a-porter .


Rose Byrne Burns!

I love Rose Byrne, before Hollywood got a hold of her, she was living here in Australia acting in local movies. I remember seeing her first in ‘Two Hands’ (1999) with Heath Ledger, but it didn’t take her long before doing big screen movies, such as ‘Star Wars Episode II’ (2002), ‘Troy’ (2004) and one of my favourite movies ‘Marie Antoinette’ (2006).

Rose, the girl from Balmain, Sydney, has her fashion down for appearances. Her stylist is Penny Lovell, who clients are also Taylor Schilling (Orange is the new black) and Anne Hathaway, she knows what works for what client as they have very different styles from one another.

Lust Have – Tiffanys’

As most women, we love Tiffany and co. We get jealous when we see a person walking around with a little blue bag. We want more Tiffany jewelry.

Their latest collection, the ‘Tiffany T‘ is very on trend with the understated elegance.

What I have been wishing I could just go out and buy, is the Tiffany T 18k gold ring (I love my gold).

Lily Rose Depp and Chanel

Everyone is talking about Lily Rose Depp and her Chanel hoodie and shorts at Cannes.

The 16 year old, the daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis is becoming a fashion icon these days. So much influence at such a young age. She speaks both English and French, and she works closing for Chanel.

This outfit is just perfect for Cannes. It shows she is dressing for her age (we don’t want her dressing sexy now, she is still so young!), and the Chanel label definitely helps with her status.

Lily Rose Depp in Chanel at The Cannes Film Festival 2016


Best Cannes Fashion – Day 1

Cannes Film Festival has started, and that means fashion for the next 10 days.

Here are my first red carpet fashion looks for the first day. My killer queen for this round is Araya Hargate, she is a Thai actress in the pink ballgown.

Cashmere Skin

Its getting cooler (stop denying the fact that winter is coming), and with winter comes the best outer wear to keep you warm and stylist. if you must get a jumper, make sure it cashmere. You can get a good one at Uniqlo for $139, but lets dream a bit bigger and see what the designers have to offer.

I have the most fun and stylist ones from net-a-porter, below. Lets have some fun with colour, winter is so grey, we need to stand out.

Lust Have – GUCCI!

This is all the trend at the moment, and I want one. Metallic, leather and pleated, beautiful.

You could probably find a money friendly, less expensive version, but this is LUST have, so I wish I could afford it. A girl can dream

Alexa Chung, Brit It Girl

She has been a shining light on British style for a few years now. She seemed to have always been around, for a while I saw her everywhere, but had no idea who she was. Now, I know better.

She is a editor and correspondent for British Vogue (you can see her videos on British Vogue youtube channel), but before that she was a model and then a TV presenter.

Now she is a fashion icon, and dating Alexander Skarsgård (hot!).

Glitter It

Glitter, Glitter, Glitter! – Lets shine people. Glitter is so much fun, its a party on your clothing.

Enough said!