Iris Apfel

She is such an inspiration when it comes to style. She doesn’t care what people think, she believes that fashion should be fun and you shouldn’t take yourself to seriously when it comes to your clothing.


Born in 1921 in New York City she has always loved fashion and beautiful things. She doesn’t always shop designer. She mix and matches her style. She loves her necklaces and bracelets (if you can’t tell by the above picture), she doesn’t listen to the line “less is more” she believes in “more is more”.


She has influences museum creations at the Met and a clothing label for a major department store in The United States. She also has her own documentary film ‘IRIS’ which was released in 2015.

If you haven’t made the time to get to know Iris Apfel please do. You will fall in love with her as much as I do.



How to pull off Pyjama style, outside of the home

Now its acceptable to wear your pyjamas outside of the house, they don’t have to be used just for sleeping anymore.

But you cant just take any pyjamas, there are some guidelines to pulling off the pyjama style.

  • You must choose the right fabric: It cannot be any flannel. You want to give the look of a pyjama with the pattern and the neckline, you don’t want to wear your actually pyjamas. A nice silk will always win. Equipment, a french silk shirt company, do high quality pyjama style blouses.
Keira silk shirt from Equipment
  • Mix and match: You can match your top and bottom, but then it will look like you are wearing your pyjamas. If you wear a silk shirt with jeans, or silk pants with a nice cotton shirt you will looks more refined. Focus on a clean look. Not too much going on.

90’s Fashion Inspirations

I am an child of the 90’s, my whole childhood was the 90’s, gosh it was a good decade to grow up in.

The music, the shows and the fashion all made such an impact, its like everyone craves to go back.

I’ve noticed that in the pass few months that the fashion has come back in a more slim fitting sophisticated way. The grunge look of flannel shirts, the rip jeans. The prep look of the A-line skirt, these are coming back strong.

Time to go to an op-shop and find some over sized blazers and denim jackets. Lets all go back.


Korean Face Products

I’ve always had trouble with my face. Growing up I had really bad acne, and as I got older it didn’t seem to get better. I heard somewhere that Korean Face products are really good and do help with a bad completion. So I thought I have nothing to lose.

I went to The Face Shop and got a whole bunch of products. Ever since I’ve started using them I’ve noticed a big improvement. My face is brighter and cleaner then ever before.

The lovely lady in the shop mention that each product is like water and earth for your face.

Here is what I use to cleanse, or Water. Water is important to clean and refresh your skin. You cannot live without water, and this is what your face needs to improve.

Chia seed face wash and the Swim toner.

Chia Seed Cleanser and the Swim Toner

Foam the cleanser in your hands before placing it in your face, make sure you get lather before you place on your skin, and wash your face for about 60 seconds.

Once you are finished with the cleanser, get the toner. Put about 3-4 pumps into a cotton pad and make sure you put it all over your face. This toner is good for oily sick (like mine), I find it helps with the blemishes.

Next you need the Earth. Creams.

I use a eye cream and a intense moisturiser. I find they help make my face look healthy, the moister from the creams stop dryness it is like a barrier to the elements.

The Swim eye cream and moisturiser

One thing I’ve started using this year is anti ageing products.

I find they don’t help so much with the ageing but with the completion. Since using The Therapy anti ageing face mask my face looks softer and more even. No matter how old you are, and if you think you need it or not, look for a good anti ageing face mask. Seriously, it helps.

The Therapy anti ageing face mask

All the products I’ve mentioned come from The Face Shop. Next time you walk pass one, go in and have a look. The people who work in the shop know what is best for your skin and help to make your skin the best it could be.

Autumn Staples

Autumn has arrived. There is a crispness in the air that shouts TIME TO BUY UP!

The three things on my shopping list this season are:

Good wool coat – 

You can wear this with anything and it will keep you warm, while being stylist. Wear to work during the week and on the weekend wear it with jeans.


There is this one I found on The Iconic. The price point is not bad and it will last all winter long.

Nice crisp white shirt – 

Fabulous for a weekend meeting up with friends for brunch. Great with a pencil skirt for work. This essential works for everyday of the week.


Ankle Boots – 

I love the look of a dress with black stockings and ankle boots. It doesn’t take much to make a summer outfit winter ready, just add ankle boots.


You can find all the items on and get next day delivery to try them out.

Lets get winter ready!!!

Cropped Flared Pants

The cropped pants have been around for a little while now. I love wearing my cropped pants with a good pair of flats. It just works really well together.

But now you can get cropped flares. It not for everyone, but if you style it right it works a treat. Bring more style into your wardrobe this season.

Flared Pants

I find the flared pants seem to find it way back into your wardrobe. I had a great pair of flared lee jeans when I was 18 and they came up to my waist. They made me look so thin and my butt looked fabulous in them. Since then I’ve always loved the flared.

I think you should start looking around for two good pairs of pants. One for work and one for the weekend, so preferably jeans. You don’t need to be super skinny to wear them, just try them on before you buy.

Australian Born

Australian Designers are the best I think when it comes to quality and price. When it comes to clothes I believe in quality, not quantity. You want to invest in clothing that will last throughout the years, not in something that you wear a couple of times and it falls apart.

Here are some labels that I think you should look at investing in. I find with most of the labels are staples that we should all have in our wardrobe.


Launched in 2006, their philosophy “centers around high-end design and construction with a commitment to sustainable manufacturing”.

They produce organic cotton basics in a neutral colour pallet. Prices vary, so best to go onto the website and have a look.



I’m loving this label at the moment. Very on trend with designs, yet very simple that it will last throughout the years.

“For over 25 years women have embraced Scanlan Theodore’s modern elegance and independent spirit as their very own. Synonymous with intelligent well-crafted designs, Scanlan Theodore’s devotion to simple, clean, modern aestheticism has not changed since its inception in 1987.”

When looking for a dress to a wedding or just because you need clothes stop by here first.



If and when I decide to get married I will stop by this place first to get a dress. Everything Dion Lee designs is gorgeous and on point. Sculptural  masterpieces.

“The Dion Lee aesthetic is the combination of opposing elements;
Technical but sensual.
Sculptural and fluid.
Complex and minimal.

The designer draws from the athletic elements of the Australian lifestyle; sportswear, surf and swimwear, combined with the technical approach of traditional tailoring.”


The Puffa Jacket

If you hadn’t noticed, the puffa jacket has been making its way slowing into our wardrobe. If you don’t have one, I think you will soon.

It has been making appearances throughout Paris fashion week (it also showed up in London, New York and Milan). But if you don’t have the funds for a Chanel or a Acne Studio puffa jacket, don’t worry, there are plenty to find in the normal shops for us normal people can afford.

Witchery and Uniqlo have a good selection of jackets and at a good price. What I love about the Uniqlo jackets, you can roll them into a little pouch and carry it around with you in your bag for when you need it.