Korean Face Products

I’ve always had trouble with my face. Growing up I had really bad acne, and as I got older it didn’t seem to get better. I heard somewhere that Korean Face products are really good and do help with a bad completion. So I thought I have nothing to lose.

I went to The Face Shop and got a whole bunch of products. Ever since I’ve started using them I’ve noticed a big improvement. My face is brighter and cleaner then ever before.

The lovely lady in the shop mention that each product is like water and earth for your face.

Here is what I use to cleanse, or Water. Water is important to clean and refresh your skin. You cannot live without water, and this is what your face needs to improve.

Chia seed face wash and the Swim toner.

Chia Seed Cleanser and the Swim Toner

Foam the cleanser in your hands before placing it in your face, make sure you get lather before you place on your skin, and wash your face for about 60 seconds.

Once you are finished with the cleanser, get the toner. Put about 3-4 pumps into a cotton pad and make sure you put it all over your face. This toner is good for oily sick (like mine), I find it helps with the blemishes.

Next you need the Earth. Creams.

I use a eye cream and a intense moisturiser. I find they help make my face look healthy, the moister from the creams stop dryness it is like a barrier to the elements.

The Swim eye cream and moisturiser

One thing I’ve started using this year is anti ageing products.

I find they don’t help so much with the ageing but with the completion. Since using The Therapy anti ageing face mask my face looks softer and more even. No matter how old you are, and if you think you need it or not, look for a good anti ageing face mask. Seriously, it helps.

The Therapy anti ageing face mask

All the products I’ve mentioned come from The Face Shop. Next time you walk pass one, go in and have a look. The people who work in the shop know what is best for your skin and help to make your skin the best it could be.


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