Breakfast at Tiffany’s Style Icon

Over the weekend I was watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s on Netflix, and the whole time I was watching I couldn’t take my eyes off Audrey, who plays Holly Golighty. Her clothing was so on point, even 55 years on its still makes a splash.

One of the most iconic dresses was in the opening scene. Holly gets out of a taxi in front of Tiffany’s jewelry store in a black Givenchy. It has been named on of the most iconic items of clothing in the twentieth century.


But there was so much more fashion delight throughout the film. There is this pink dress with a pink jacket that I wish I could afford.


Holly Golighty was a women who spend her money on clothing, as seen through throughout the movie.


In the final scene as she is saying goodbye to Paul, and Paul declares his love for her, the sweater that she is wearing is what is in style today. She wore it with cropped black pants (again in style). So it just shows you, what goes around comes around. It also declares this film is timeless and Audrey can pull off anything.



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