The Olson Twins and The Row

Starting out in front of the camera in Full House, and moving into movies, we all have had the Olsons, Mary-Kate and Ashley in our lives at one point, but since moving away from the lime light and moving into fashion, they have become very successful career women.

They established their fashion label The Row in 2006, and won “The Council of Fashion Designers of America, as Womenswear Designers of The Year” in 2012.

Their label is high end fashion made and designed in the The United States, and they are getting the credit they deserve.

As well as these girls starting a very successful high-end fashion brand, they are so stylist. These tiny ladies wear boho, lose fitting clothing and they make it look so chic instead of the clothes looking huge and eating them up. They have made big rounded sunglasses fashionable, and now its a stable in our sunglasses draw (if you have one).


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