Australian Fashion Bloggers To Follow

Nicole Warne:

Nicole writes for her blog, Gary Pepper. She started as an intern for fashion magazines Grazia and Harper’s Bazaar before realising she wanted to start her own brand.

Nicole Warne Gary Pepper

snapchat: garypeppergirl

instagram: garypeppergirl

Margaret Zhang:

Sydney University Student turned into a Australian fashion icon and superstar blogger. She goes to all the major fashion shows around the world, and designers make sure she is on the front row. She is such an influence on the fashion scene.

The pictures she takes for her blog are brilliantly shot, you can tell she takes pride in her work. She is a blogger you need to follow.

Margaret Zhang Shine By Three

instagram: margaret_zhang

Nadia Fairfax:

In 18 months she has gone from gymnast to fashionista.

She has grown up in the world of gymnastics, and then while on instagram and building up followers she thought she should start a blog, and she has never looked.

Nadia Fairfax

instagram: nadiafairfax

Amanda Shadforth:

Oracle Fox is her blog, and she knows how to take a great picture. A lot on her website is where she has been, where she is staying and what she is wearing (of course). I like her style, as its not the ‘norm’, she has created her own and I love it.

Amanda Shadforth

instagram: oraclefoxblog


My Favourite Vlogger Right Now

And her name is Chloe Morello. I’ve just gotten into her in the past 2 weeks, I’m always looking for a new video to watch on youtube.

She is a beauty vlogger, putting up tutorials on makeup and every now and again about her everyday life.

I also follow her on snapchat, she is fabulous. She is quite funny. You should check her out, your won’t regret it.

snapchat: morellomachine

instagram: chloemorello