Lust Have – Gucci Dionysus Mini Bag

The Dionysus bags from Gucci are back, and everyone is on the band wagon. I saw a blogger on youtube, Aimee Song with this bag in red. Now, I must have it. Its so fun and slick.

Valued at $1,890 on net-a-porterĀ .


Celebrity Look Of The Week

Kate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale – going into LAX in nude and silk

The silk nude pants, with a silk pink coat, nude fringe heels, the scarf, she knows how to get attention while walking through an airport.

She figured out how to dress silk pants, I can image it would have been a hard piece to style, you could think of it more of pyjama style, but she didn’t make it that, she made it into something so more stylist.

Also, the tucking the hard into the scarf, it looks so effortless.

My Favourite Vlogger Right Now

And her name is Chloe Morello. I’ve just gotten into her in the past 2 weeks, I’m always looking for a new video to watch on youtube.

She is a beauty vlogger, putting up tutorials on makeup and every now and again about her everyday life.

I also follow her on snapchat, she is fabulous. She is quite funny. You should check her out, your won’t regret it.

snapchat: morellomachine

instagram: chloemorello